Myth vs. Fact

Who likes rumors? Credit unions are all about being honest and trustworthy.


  1. Being a member of a credit union means I need to be part of or join a labor union.

  2. Credit unions don't have enough ATMs or branches for me to access my money.

  3. Credit unions won't have the technology I need.


  1. The word "union" in credit union simply means a group of people joining together. Anybody can join a credit union!

    Some credit unions work directly with select employers and others are community based. No matter where you live or work in Connecticut, there's one for you! Find yours today.

  2. Many credit unions participate in shared branching and ATM networks. This gives credit union members access to more than 5,000 branches and 60,000 ATMs. That's more than Bank of America.

  3. Credit unions offer many of the same technology solutions that you have come to expect. Services like online banking, bill pay, mobile banking, and remote check deposit are common services offered.

Remember, every credit union is unique and different, but there's one for you.